Stories of People Like You

Stories of people like you

As you think about joining our movement to end global poverty, meet some of the people like you who are dreaming big, making a difference in children’s lives and changing our world. This is where you belong.

“In a world all too filled with youngsters in poverty, the work of Children International is critical in showing that these kids can accomplish amazing things, given the support CI offers them. Sally and I feel we must help to keep CI doing this.” — Dick Roberts

“My wife Donna and I love supporting CI. We think the dollars we invest give us, and the youth they help, the highest possible return on our investment.” — Gordon Bailey

“When I learned that sponsorship can include additional support options, Children International Staff in Guatemala, Maria, her family and I made a wish list together. Now Maria attends a private school and has gone from failing to being an enthusiastic learner, her family is more comfortable with a concrete floor and a non-leaky roof, her little brother has gone from frail to healthy as he now has asthma medication regularly, and best of all Maria and her family now have hope. A little help has made such a big difference!” — Jean Hamburg

“I hope that I can encourage youth [involved in CI] to obtain a good education. It helps pull them out of poverty [through] a support system that works.” — Steve Krumholz