Why Children Need Your Help

Why children need your help

Hellen, a little girl living in an impoverished area, has big dreams. She goes to school each day, plays with other children and works with teachers who build her confidence. When she is sick, she sees a doctor for treatment and gets well. Someday, she hopes to have her own career and family. Her life is filled with opportunities that many others trapped in poverty don’t receive.

It’s only because of the generosity of amazing supporters like you that Hellen has a chance at achieving her dreams.

You can help break the cycle of poverty for children like Hellen, and future generations. You can be a powerful force for change, making a real impact in four key areas:

  • Health: developing healthy habits in kids and connecting them with health care.
  • Education: helping kids complete secondary school, with supplies, tutoring and scholarships.
  • Empowerment: building kids’ leadership and teamwork skills as well as their confidence.
  • Employment: enabling teens to gain technical training, get jobs, earn scholarships for college and more.

Change begins with just ONE person like you taking action. When you give a gift in your will, trust or other account, you save children from poverty for years to come. It becomes part of your life story … part of your legacy — and changes a child’s life story, too. It becomes your legacy of love, transforming lives and changing our world.